Case Studies

Technical Reports, Case Studies, Plant Trials, Lab Reports and Certifications have been conducted and secured under various alias brand names. CerarMist is a proprietary name that creates a “brand” synonymous with the characteristics and properties of the suite of products that were branded and utilized for the testing, trials and ultimate certifications listed below.

Case Studies

MG Coffee Summary

Mexico Report REDACTED 2016-1

Final Combined Report for CM Armor Microbiological Analysis

Plant Trials

Papaya - Limes Trial

Strawberries Trial

MED Plants Trial

Marigold Trial

B-FAM Farm Trial

B - Farms Trial 2

AZS Farms Trial

Technical Reports

SC Lab Analysis 170613W002-001 CoA

100328 Coach House Impact Report

OMRI Certificate

OMRI - Listed Plant Protectant-chc 10447

Cron Job Starts