CerarMist Challenge

Insects cause direct injury to a plant by eating leaves or burrowing in stems, fruit, or roots. Insects can also transmit a bacterial, viral, or fungal infection into a plant. Additionally, infectious plant diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses can range in severity from mild leaf or fruit damage to death. 

CerarMist Grow Guard is safe to apply on all stages of plant growth.  AND once infection has been remedied, a weekly application is all you need to maintain healthy plants. 

We invite you to verify our product’s capabilities and take the CerarMist Grow Guard Challenge

Simply follow the treatment suggestion below and within weeks you will understand the power of CerarMist Grow Guard on your plants.

Powdery Mildew

Apply CerarMist to a plant already infected with Powdery Mildew or other fungi.

Tiny Insects

Apply CerarMist to a plant already infested with mites, aphids, whiteflies or other small, nuisance or chewing insects.


If your plants are already coated with waxes or oils, or you just want to witness CerarMist’s preventative power, this test may be the best for you. Acquire two new, healthy plants. Treat one with CerarMist (let dry) and introduce them both to afflicted plants. Watch the untreated plant contract the ailment, while the CerarMist-protected plant stays healthy.


For sick or infested plants, we recommend spraying on days 1,3 & 7 and then weekly after that.  Make sure leaves have not been treated in the past with any oils or waxes or CerarMist Grow Guard will not be as effective.

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