Delivering Long-Lasting Protection to Assure Safety, Cleanliness and Wellness.

We understand you want to make the health of everyone who occupies or visits your facility as much of a priority as the perception of cleanliness.

From maintaining clean spaces throughout your workplace, school, or business, ensuring health and safety for employees and customers, to site assessments, we have the solutions to assist you.
CerarMist supports you in managing your facility better than ever before:
  • Maintain Clean and Safe Spaces
  • Maintain Health and Safety for Employees and Customers
  • Achieve Long-Lasting Protection for Your Facility Through State-of-the-Art Non-Toxic Surface Protectants
  • Obtain Regular Site Assessments for Cost-Saving Optimization and Waste Reduction
Learn how we can help you strike the right balance between appearance and protection for your facility by filling out this form or calling us at (800) 487-0050 today.

The Better Way to Protect Against Contaminants

CerarMist offers the next generation in surface protectants

  • Unique Mechanical Defense Approach
  • Lasting Protection
  • Always Non-Toxic
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unique Mechanical Defense Approach
  • Lasting Protection
  • Always Non-Toxic
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Protect What Matters Most

    Protect What Matters Most

  • Non-Toxic Lasting Protection

    Non-Toxic Lasting Protection

  • Protection Through Prevention

    Protection Through Prevention

  • Impeccably Clean Surfaces

    Impeccably Clean Surfaces


Innovative Protection through Proactive Prevention™

Introducing the Power of a CerarMist Solution!
We offer the continuing evolution of the next generation in surface and environmental protectants.
Our Facility Hygiene services integrate superior alternatives to traditional chemical treatments. CerarMist surface protection services are designed for safe use on skin, fabrics, plants, and other surfaces.

Today, disinfectants “chemically kill” germs using alcohols, bleaches, or acids which are toxic compounds and evaporate in mere seconds.

But CerarMist Solutions offers state-of-the-art alternatives that do far more than integrating nanotechnology to modify treated surfaces…our equipment and technology prevent germs from attaching and reproducing for extended periods of time.  Any CerarMist protected surface “mechanically kills” a wide variety of germs.

CerarMist offers products that are always non-toxic, long-lasting, and offers unlimited uses in healthcare, transportation, agriculture, hospitality, sports, households, public spaces...virtually anywhere. 

Surface Protection
Any surface, anywhere. The uniquely formulated products used by CerarMist provide a long-lasting layer of protection against a surface being re-contaminated. Pathogens that touch it are “mechanically” killed instantly.
Start Your Own Business
Take advantage of multiple revenue streams and the opportunity to be part of an exciting industry with tremendous projections for growth and success.
CerarMist Family of Products
Our non-toxic, fragrance-free Surface Protectants have a two-phased approach. They provide long-term protection against 140+ microbes for months after treatment while destroying any existing contaminants at the time of application.
CerarMist is passionate about people and we seek those who are wanting to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. We actively hire military Veterans. Apply Today to Join Our Team!

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