Become a CerarMist Master Agent

Capital Requirements as Low as $25,000
We are Building a Select Network of Distributors Across America

If you’re looking to invest in this timely and creative strategy that is really taking off, becoming a CerarMist distributor could be just what you’re looking for.

By investing in a range of CerarMist's surface protectants and application services, you will be at the forefront of the latest innovation to revolutionize the disinfecting, decontamination and cleaning industry. You will have a solid infrastructure and a great distribution network.

As a CerarMist distributor, you will supply the CerarMist family of products, services and technologies to our Reseller-Partners and we will direct local Reseller-Partners inquiries to you.

If you’ve got a great customer service mentality and you’re looking towards a prosperous new future, please complete the inquiry form and we will be in touch to discuss the finer details.

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